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March 24, 2011
By , highland, UT
The Flamingo, long and pink,
stands on
one leg instead of
Even the old ones and
young ones stand on one.
No matter how weak they are.

But do they stand on the
same one?
Or do they switch off or
prefer one to another,
the way humans do?

But they are not human,
they are flamingos.
Their brains and live
function differently
than we do.
But do they always stand on the
same one?
Maybe they have no opinions.
Just living and standing.
It would be so much simpler
to not have any
reason or rhyme
to not be bothered
by the
of existence.

I think they stand on
whatever is
comfortable for

They choose the
easiest path and
never make
things harder than they really

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