The Owls Gaze

March 24, 2011
You may believe…
as many before you,
that the sea cannot be contained.
But I know this to be untrue,
for I saw all of its gracefulness as it flew,
the feathery tide, in and out, up and down,
across the moonlight sea.
The large yellow eyes boring into me,
impaling a bright orange beak of fear into my heart.
I also saw as all of Athenas wisdom shone out,
As she analyzed the best way to wound me,
But this was all in vain for I was already paralyzed, engulfed,
By stormy talons of fear.

Then suddenly, so suddenly that light aquatic breeze,
turns into a raging whirlwind of supremacy,
the mist a cloud of despair and desolation,
as you realize it’s the end. Poseidon roars,
the tsunami flares; and you watch with dreading eyes,
as Athena and Poseidon work together,
to tear apart your mental ramparts.

A final shriek pierces the fog like a bullet,
The fierce predator gives you one last look,
Not of mercy, but of sympathy,
For the feeble victim.
Hoot-Hoot it strikes.

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