Another Winter

March 24, 2011
By HayDan SILVER, Westwood, California
HayDan SILVER, Westwood, California
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Walking down the path I remember
Days of another winter

We hiked up and down the spiraling trail
My father’s brown suede boots
Left deep tracks in the concealing snow

We watched as the sun dimmed
And the final gleams of light
Bounced off the bare tree trunks

We came upon a spring
Frozen over, cold and quivering,
Like the thin sheet of glass in a picture frame
I trudged right on through

Red ears are numb
They shut out my father’s warnings
I made it only a few feet before the ice caved in

Frost froze my mind
Crawling inside, taking control
Sucking the air from my lungs

My father never hesitated
His strong pale arm gripped me tightly
Pulling me higher, shaking off the cold
Silent and logical, he wrapped his coat around me
Placing his warm hand in mine

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