March 24, 2011
By bvargas BRONZE, Milmay, New Jersey
bvargas BRONZE, Milmay, New Jersey
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Being taken from happy to sad is like being in a hot shower, and instantly the water turns as cold as ice: your whole body is in shock as it shivers, dwelled with fright. The first thing you want to do is get out that spot, but that dark cloud follows you everywhere, it just won’t leave your lot. The cold water hits your body, the only warm water is what flows out your eyes, but you just want to go back to the warm water so you fill your head up with lies. The warm water from your tears you confuse with the cold water, that’s what you disguise, even though you know the truth deep down inside, you keep being pained because you fail to face the truth. The cold water would never be warm and you know the proof. There’s a ladder that passes the clouds and touches the ground. When you face the truth that ladder will be found, you start to climb but the water gets colder so you stumble down. You keep climbing because you need to pass the cloud, as you get to the top you feel the warmth from the sun above. Finally you pass the cloud and that’s how you escape the pain of love.

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