A Feeling

March 24, 2011
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There's a feeling
Deep inside me,
That something's locked up,
In need of release
Out of my mind;
As in a locked parrot,
Imitating its surroundings,
Yet striving for freedom,
A feeling it can't explain.
This it feels softly,
Random yet always in a
Sense nigh unreal,
When reality takes its break
From defining and relating.
Then the mood changes,
Fluctuates like sine,
Hiding something wrong,
Hiding what's there to be
And what's not to see;
It's as if there's some way,
Way down on a road
Lost in the burrows of an old map
Unseen for years by the souls that
Traverse nearby,
In the same predicament of
Strange mental disorder that
Captures its victims in a vise of mirage,
The world a bit off and in need,
Needing some blow to make right
And left seem clear;
A vicissitude left to the wind,
Blowing throughout their minds,
Of those who eat dry and breathe none,
For these lasting images to disappear
And leave behind the passion,
Leave behind the lifestyle and wonder
And awe and will of power dreams
Constantly remind me of,
The kind of self awareness unheard of
In modern mystique;
And if the end does ever arrive,
To no bells or cheers,
Life will only go on remotely
Caring and sharing with only ourselves,
The greedy and the proud,
The honorable and the crazed,
The passion and the poison,
Our lives all mixed to one.

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