The King, The Queen, and The Mermaid

March 31, 2011
By GermanMontes SILVER, Fontana, California
GermanMontes SILVER, Fontana, California
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"Even if your dreams are highest in the sky,
You'll get there eventually."
-German Montes

A ghost sits on the King's throne,
the King is dead,

My love has over-grown,
to walk with the Dead.

I've lost my golden crown,
to the hands of the Dirt,

I live with my stolen frown,
inside a wall I cannot hurt.

The queen was never alive,
her heart was the devil,

I took a deadly dive,
into hell's level.

Nothing waited there,
everything vanished and gone,

Even the melting air,
was fragile to the Mermaid's song.

A Mermaid full of beauty but empty inside,
crept out of the water to show her face,

Beautiful skin but an expired heart beating inside,
such a biting disgrace.

The ashes only covered the ruins I walked,
the mermaid's voice became rotten,

The hope that I once stalked,
has fallen to be forgotten.

The battlefield is haunted,
by the Dead that want to live,

While the skies are enlightened,
by those who abhor to live.

I stayed behind to taste the fire,
to run away from my own reflection,

I burned down to desire,
tied to witness the mermaid's cold resurrection.

The war came and crawled by,
nothing grew; nothing grew,

The Wind's lullaby,
blew and blew; but nothing grew.

She's the burning rose,
here to burn us all,

She's the living corpse,
here to watch me fall.

The Queen bit my heart,
and The Mermaid took my soul,

The sky fell apart,
and my heart dropped to roll.

My eyes were picked by a crow,
I've shown my sword how to bleed,

I'm lost in a place where nothing grows,
in a restless place beyond the deep.

They burned down my bridge,
before I reached the other side,

They took away my courage,
as my bones collide.

The Queen's bold shadow,
ate away my light,

Her footsteps are easy to follow,
until she eats you alive.

Beyond the sun, it is never gold,
the scar they left allows me to reminiscence,

They were both so cold,
There is no difference.

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