Ok, So Hate Me

March 31, 2011
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It's that look of hate and despise in her eyes
Those words sharp like knives
That tone that stings like venom
That make me feel good inside

That classic cold shoulder
The rolling of those pretty brown eyes
That deathly silence that she screams at me
That makes me feel so alive

As confusing as this may sound
I'm overjoyed she's around
Even if she can't stand the sight of me

She told me not to tell
And I did, oh well
So she can't stand the sight of me

But she can hate me as much as she wants
That's just fine with me

I would rather have her despise me
Then feel nothing ever again
I would rather have her ignore me
Then never see her smiling face
I would rather have her go to bed hating me
Then to never have her open her eyes again
But I suppose this can be said of all true friends

So yes, I told
And I don't care in the least
I would rather regret betraying her trust
Then regret taking part in the extinguishing of a life

So yes, she may hate me
And yes, she may never speak to me again
But I'll take that as an award for being a true friend

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