March 31, 2011
By SexyBabyGreen BRONZE, Selkirk, Other
SexyBabyGreen BRONZE, Selkirk, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Shove it.

breathing down sulfur
chew through what she meant to you
ignore the dagger in your heart
you know its all the same
cut off your thought she brings

swallow broken glass
cut the souls of your feet
slice around the memories
shove salt in your veins
let your mind liquefy whats left of you
the damage is done
your over and done with
how does it feel to lose it all?
cut out your heart
fry it in blood and chocolate
a thick cloud of regret hangs over lingering
take your hatchet back
stab it in your own chest
ripe out your own hopes
chewing her soul poker faced
you were never different
you were never better
you were just another guy without a heart

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