My world

March 31, 2011
The forest that bleeds red
stands in front of me trees grab, stab, reaching for the child before it.

Winds that once tickled now send chills like the clammy hands of truth crawl up my tender spine.

Running away the roots trip me, the hard heartless ground catches me as the roots consume my fragilee body, the dirt builds up in my fingernails as they cling to the traitorous ground, hoping for a miracle.

Nothing can stop the roots as they pull and pull, i enter the forest everything turns black except the trees eyes which burn bright in the madness.

the roots loosen so i start to run, only to encounter the rough bark of dead tress, who wrap their daggered wire around my soul, i scream to let go, only to hear the trees laugh hysterically.

the trees ignite, burning with flames fueled by the hate of the damned, my skin sizzles as the flames kiss my skin, the tress tighten their grip cutting into my scared body.

the smoke fills my lungs and i look into the sky, seeing the moon beautiful as ever, she turns to me, sending my forest to the ground, with me tapped inside.

nothing left, only pain, no reason to plant new seeds, the grim reaper calls, yet i cannot go with him, i chose the pain over serenity, left to wallow in my ashes never to rise again.

i am no phoenix

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