Three Words

March 29, 2011
By rinkydink15 PLATINUM, Mandeville, Louisiana
rinkydink15 PLATINUM, Mandeville, Louisiana
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Favorite Quote:
Love is when even a passing glance sends a million little butterflies through your heart, and you can't stop thinking about him.

Three Words:
You tell me,
Just three words.
And all they can do,
Is break me down.
Because after hearing that,
I regret everything I said.
I wish I never lied,
Or telling you I didn't care,
Because I always did.
I was sorry;
I am sorry,
Because you need to know,
How I feel.
These three words,
Wander my mind,
As they never escape.
They haunt me every time.
Because you told me:
"You Moved On"
I never did,
And now I never will.

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