This Is Me Now

March 29, 2011
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What happened to those happy days
when life was free of stress?
The days when I look forward to tomorrow.
Everything was calm. So carefree.
Unhappiness was a foreign word to me.

Now I can't go a day without
a fight to stop the tears.
Anger and depression.
Like a shadow. Follows me around.
It's been like this for four years.

So much stress,
Only the slice of my wrist will cure.
Some days it gets so bad,
I find it hard to stop from reaching
for that bottle of pills.

The chaos begins,
I hide in my room.
Try to block out my parents' roar.
Most of the time I fail.
And when mom comes after me,
Tears flow rapidly from my eyes.
Thoughts of suicide fill the mind.
It's not what I want,
but I'm sure it's my only escape.

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