A Perfect Life

March 29, 2011
By WhiteWolf35 GOLD, Austin, Texas
WhiteWolf35 GOLD, Austin, Texas
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"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world"

I followed in sunken footsteps
I drank from the fountain of deception
A faint smirk fell upon my shy face
for yet I did not know
my placid life was misconception
My lips dripped with black lacquered lies
That fell to the flattened ground
leaving stains
that an eternity of truth could not wash away
I saw the world through tainted eyes
and was far too faded to hear the cries
cries of warning
cries of pain
cries of fear
but none of these could I hear
I could not handle the writhing emotions
every feeling
of pain
of love
of life
burned inside my aching soul
I was contorted in my own essence
tortured by dreams
scalded by love
killed by life
but no one could see in
and I could not see out
I confided in close friends
but only told them doubt
I painted a broken mirror
A broken mirror
that somehow reflected a perfect life

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