In love with the melody

March 29, 2011
By WhiteWolf35 GOLD, Austin, Texas
WhiteWolf35 GOLD, Austin, Texas
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When I look at you
I see an endless universe in your eyes
an infinite unimaginable beauty
that I could touch every day but might never hold
in your eyes I feel a consuming loneliness
a soft hunger, a quiet thirst
an invisible erosion that every day
slowly breaks more of you down.
Your lips are silent
but they still whisper
the smoldering hiss of desire,
a pulsing, burning ember of a passion
that will inflame the heart and mind of any girl
fortunate enough to taste your fire.
I sense, about you, the grey aura of loss
a loss of love, a loss of people, a loss of trust, a loss of belief
they do not belong to you, they belong to the past
and if you cling to them,
you will become what they are
a memory...
I hear the music of your beating heart
an explosion of sound
cleansing laughter and dancing rain,
the paining pause of a tear
the startled joy of exclamation
angry rolling thunder
the caressing whisper of dreams
a symphonic, rhythmic, one man band
with a string section
and I have fallen in love with the melody

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