Life Isn't Always Fair

March 29, 2011
I look in the mirror, and what do I see?
A sad girl staring back at me.
She cant even look herself in the eye,
The tears well up but she wont let me cry.
I couldn’t take the world anymore.
That’s what I thought when I locked the bathroom door.
The girl in the mirror isn’t me,
At least not what I used to be,
So many cuts and white scars from
When the pain of life went to far.
The smile I used to wear, gone unnoticed and disappeared.
All there is on her face in fear.
On the bathtub ledge she forces me to sit,
A blade in my hand with a razor sharp tip.
Turning on the faucet, the tub slowly fills,
The water so cold in quickly sends chills.
Sinking into the water cloths and all,
I curl up tight into a little ball.
The razor at my fingertips,
I close my eyes and bite my lip.
I feel the blade deep inside my arm, I scream inside,
The pain within her will no longer hide.
The deed is done, my arms are slice,
And This girl doesn’t care at any price.
Someone is banging loud on the door,
Its getting colder down to my core.
The person beyond the lock called my name
And began to scream when no answer came.
The locked door is busted down.
I’m very slowly starting to drown.
Then there is a boy standing and staring..
With Sorrow and desperation burning in his eyes
He falls to his knees he begins to cry.
Its to late for the girl lying there,
Left this world with no one to care
Now the sad boy only has his memories to share.
See? Life isn’t always fair.

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Aderes18 said...
May 2, 2011 at 6:41 pm
Once, when I was four, I had this dream that the whole U.S army was chasing me. Just as they were about to catch me, I woke up. I had it again so my mom recommended I drew the scene  a bunch of times then throw it away. I did and it never came back again. 
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