King of Reeds

March 30, 2011
By alawler311 BRONZE, Rochester, Michigan
alawler311 BRONZE, Rochester, Michigan
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A mighty elephant, by light of day,
has no fear. It’s bright tusks ward off
any sulking predators in the brush.
Like a proud King over his empire,
the gentle giant gallivants on white sand.

And as the sun lowers in the sky,
he becomes part of the Earth,
settling into the tranquility of dusk,
just remembering days of grandeur.

But when the darkness overcomes
and there is no sense of sight,
no sense of dignity, just sense of night,

the hints of suave beasts upset him so,
that into hysterics does the elephant go.

And the colossal king of reeds falls to his massive knees.

The author's comments:
Background information for this piece: Elephants are usually superior to all the other animals during the day because of their size, but at night, it becomes vulnerable to a number of predators, especially lions. It's cries can be heard from miles away as the once powerful entity is torn to pieces and devoured. Because of these characteristics I chose an elephant as the functioning symbol of my poem

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