Shouldn't Have To Be

March 10, 2011
A young man of 19 1as I,
with all the strength and courage
I though I would ever need
I marched around with my head held high,
and my rifle hanging on my shoulder
I was anxious for my first fight
but when the day finally came,
I regretted all my enthusiasm
bullets buzzed by my head,
bombs burst everywhere I went
I hid in the trees, and fled to safety.
The next day, I dreaded going back, and the next, and the next
A day felt like a week, a week like a month and a month like a year
felt myself aging every second I stayed alive, wanting to be home
with memories of my loved ones
creeping to the back of my mind
my steps weren't quick enough
and I finally fell to my fate
unlucky was I,to still be breathing
to be home, and yet so far away
I hid my face, a monstrous thing
locked up in my room,
with the lifeless souls still haunting my dreams
so sick of walking outside and being treated like a freak
I couldn't stand it and wrote my last will:
Of all the horrors I have seen,
of all the memories that will never fade,
who ever thought that home would finally pull my string
I wish for my ashes to be spread across the battlefield
where my life was finished by defending my country.

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