Camera Man

March 10, 2011
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I stood in front of the fountain,
but fished a coin from my pocket.
With an absentminded wish I tossed in the shiny piece of metal
before going on my normal way.

I looked in a window mirror
and I could see my warped face. It
was like I could see the real me in what was not ever
meant to be a mirror at all.

I passed a hot dog stand later
on, and I debated if I
should grab a bite to eat. But the line was too long, so I
passed up the opportunity.

I went for a walk in the park
to smell the clean, fresh air. The sky
seemed abnormally blue, and I wondered why I could see
the color so clearly today.

I saw a little stray cat. But
when I walked up to pet it, it
hissed at me and bared it fangs. Startled, I backed up and left
the cat in his alley to rule.

All of my adventures today
seemed like nothing of consequence.
But the meaning of the world can be changed and perceived differently
from the eyes of my camera.

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