March 10, 2011
By AbbyRad GOLD, Indianapolis, Indiana
AbbyRad GOLD, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
Emotion makes me want to do stupid things. Stupid, bad, wonderful things.

They say there’s Something to live for.
but can you live in Half? in two?
not me. not with a heart that’s torn.

Shattering Crumbling.

Life is nothing without Him.
I can’t stop my Love.
I don’t think that I Want to.

Breaking. Shredding.

I can’t remember when I was Happy.
Was there ever a time?
not one I can recall. not anymore.

Falling. Fading.

You are more Monster than human
more Haze than face. The
Pain is the only sure thing now.

Slipping. Sliding.

My life is Winter
the same as in your Heart Of Ice
Your heart of Snow

Burning. Writhing.

wouldn’t it be a Blessing to be alone?
to have Never Met?
to be Whole?

Searing. Screaming.

I haven’t touched the Knife in a while
but I’m on it’s Edge.
I’m Alone.

so alone.

Breaking. Cutting.

Relief. Release.

the Blood. the Tears. the Salt.
are You Happy?
are You Grinning your endearing demon Smile?

Memories. Fleeing.

the Knife hits the floor as I run out the door.
the Sun. the Wind.
it's Real. too real.

Life. Death.

Life is Death without You.
but I can still Bleed.
why am I even Here?

Chatter. Noise.

they cant hear me
no teachers no friends
no emotion

the Door. the Darkness.

I’m back to the Darkness. Blood on the floor.
The need to Bleach is back
to Wipe the Stain Away

White. New.

Why can’t someone help me?
Why can’t He wash You away?
Wash me away?

Pain. Sorrow.

Oh God, please. I’m on my knees.
Humbled by Your strength.
And humbled by His.

Hope. Light.

You are my last resort,
my only Hope.
this is a truly twisted world.

Shedding. Remembering.

God, taking him away.
I don’t need him…
I need You.

Emptiness. Healing.

wipe me clean, Lord.
wash him away.
let me start New.

Fresh. Clean.

and the demon was gone.
a new Light for my Life.

The author's comments:
My friend who was hurting inspired me to write this; I took a religious twist on this.

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