Worth It?

March 10, 2011
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Well, I thought you were my friend,
Someone who could stick by me no matter what
Again, I find myself wrong.
Just like many others, you run away from your problems.
You don’t face them.
I can’t help…
I’m sorry, that just appears to be who I am.
I’m sorry if I make your life more miserable.
My bad, I didn’t mean to.
Thank you for telling me that I’m not worth being in other’s lives.
I guess I just didn’t feel depressed enough.
Maybe I’ll try to lay low for a while and forget having friends.
Maybe I should just forget my past and the future.
I’m not worth it anyways.
I guess I’ll just be someone who walked into your life but you forgot.
Apparently, I’m not worth it.
Others could forget about me and never know I’m there.
Forget me; delete any contact you have of me.
You don’t want me in your life.
I guess I better delete yours and everyone else’s contacts too.
I’m not enough for people.
Here’s the truth though.
I matter a lot to everyone.
I’m worth dying for, and Jesus proved it.
He died on the cross for me.
That’s enough to tell me that I am worth something.
Jesus loves me even if no one else does.
He died for me for a reason,
To save me from the fright of Hell.
He doesn’t want me there,
I’m worth something.
Even if I’m not worth anything to you,
I am to another person.
That, I could tell you, is proved.
Just to let you know too,
Jesus died for you too.

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