A poem I wrote about the girl I love, doesnt really have a title.

March 10, 2011
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The love I felt from day to day,
Cant compare to the joy I feel today.
The fact you saw what no one else could see,
Is a sign I think that you're the one for me.
I miss you more than I thought it was possible to do,
I hope you're having a good time, please remember I'm here, thinking of you.

It's true that perfection has to be imperfect
And to me you are perfect without any thought of if I'm actually worth it.
There's no point living if you cant feel alive,
I now feel more than alive and it's a mystery to me how I used to survive.

You cant miss what you've never known,
The love I feel for you is so great it cant be properly shown.
So I try and fail to write poems as beautiful as you,
I love you more than anything I know or ever knew.

The kiss we shared that day in the rain,
Is probably part of the cause and therefore to blame.
It made me realize what it was that I felt,
And if its to blame then so be it, it made my heart melt. .

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