You Are Not Mine

March 30, 2011
By getsetpirouette BRONZE, Ellicott City, Maryland
getsetpirouette BRONZE, Ellicott City, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"Sadness is easier because its surrender. I say make time to dance alone with one hand waving free."

A thousand moons and a thousand suns could rise
With all that may come between
And yet with each dawn that breaks o'er the horizon
What use can I find if you are not mine?
A thousand rivers and a thousand lakes could dry
Until no quenching tear in their depths remains
But this seems to me as a mere consequence
Of the tears left dry since you are not mine.
A thousand rains and a thousand fogs could come
To cleanse and cloud this world's sin and pain
Save for mine, which yet resides in my soul
It cannot be left behind if you are not mine.
A thousand lives and a thousand deaths could pass
Each with its own memories of love
Yet as empires crumble I'll stand firm and cry
"O sweet Happiness defied, that you are not mine!"
A thousand words and a thousand volumes I could write
Until my heart's pain can bear no more verse
Each stanza, each line, may scream my malaise
But what value holds rhyme? You still are not mine.

The author's comments:
Basically, I was walking to Calculus thinking of someone I really missed, the first line popped into my head out of nowhere, then the second one, so I ran to Calculus, whipped out my journal, and wrote this down.

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