Turtles in My Pocket

March 30, 2011
By lilbyrdy4772 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
lilbyrdy4772 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Jessica Byrd
English I-HI
Ms. Gary
13 February 2011
Turtles in My pocket
I miss the good old days.
Turtles in my pocket.
Working in the vegetable garden with Mama and Dada.
Dandelions between my toes.
Playing with Barbies and Polly Pockets.
Playing war and Tinker Toys with Matthew.
Watching Barney and Blue’s Clues.
Fishin’ with Dada and Matthew.
Then Sunday came,
You came.
You kicked my Dada out of the house.
I hate you.
I didn’t want you,
Nobody wanted you except for Mama.
You tore our once perfect family apart.

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