March 30, 2011
By DiVina SILVER, Shingle Springs, California
DiVina SILVER, Shingle Springs, California
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Running short on breath I speak
I feel like I can’t stop all of this
I feel like I’m slipping into this abyss
Like my mind is running away from me
Farther and farther away
I can no longer control what I say
I have the thought in my head
If I just breathe, slow down
There are words I want to speak
But somehow they come out jumbled and misconstrued
Misshapen and malformed
My vile tongue cannot express what I feel
It is said from the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks
But I cannot speak
The words don’t work for me anymore
Is it because my heart is jumbled and confused,
Or because you took everything in it?
How can I speak when my heart is empty?
How can something hallow overflow?
Words were my weapon
My defense against pain
I let down that weapon for you
And you shattered all the little that I had
You tore apart my world
Leaving before I had even realized what you had done
But what have you done?
Have you ruined my defenses?
Have you hurt me?
Have you wreaked my one ability?
Or have you taught me?
Taught me to be strong like I once was
Let no one in
Never again
I cannot be hurt if I shut it all out
So let me!
Let me lose myself in the words I have left
Return my drive, my love, my passion
Return all that I devoted to you
Let me speak again
Let me form what I want to say
Let me talk

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