I just cant love you anymore

March 30, 2011
By gfigs SILVER, Elyria, Ohio
gfigs SILVER, Elyria, Ohio
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I thought I loved you
but when you do the things you do
it shows me that you haven't changed a bit,that you still a little kid
so its time for me to close the lid
all you bring me is stress
I've been getting F's on test
and it seems like you don't Even care
like your saying "dump me if you dare"
I thought you were better than this
now i regret our very first kiss
there is no more of you and me
I just cant love you anymore cant you see
your not worth my time anymore
so I am just going to shut this door
not on just you but on both of us
the only thing you bring me is words to cuss
I am done falling for your foolish games
you need to get your hormones tamed
I will find someone better for me
I just cant love you anymore cant you see
My friends all warned me about you
and all the mean nasty things you do
no I'm not going to cry
but its time for me to say goodbye

The author's comments:
this helped me out when a guy i had been dating for four months cheated on me

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