The Pain Inside of Me.

March 30, 2011
All my life I've Had no one.
My parents are so over protective.
My life is so predicted.
Two years ago my aunt passed away.
My heart was broken but I had nothing to say.
All my dreams have turned into nightmares.
I feel like nobody cares.
The person that I love doesn't love me.
My heart is full of pain, can't you see?
People have hurt me physically.
I feel as if I can never be free.
I don't feel happy anymore.
My body is so sore.
The bright smile on my face has lost its light.
There is nothing for me to gain and the feeling isn't right.
Everybody is always telling me what to do.
Nobody understands me and i know it's true.
Every fantasy I've dreamed of have been crushed.
This is reality and in it, belongs me.
I feel so lost and alone.
My chirpy voice has lost its tone.
I feel so desperate.
My life is like a fish caught in a net.
I try to loosen myself free, but things like that are impossible for me.
I need support and I need someone.
Not everything I do is completely done.
I don't feel like me, I don't feel the same.
But I gotta deal with it 'cause this is life's game.
There is so much to tell.
My life to me is a living hell.
There is no explanation for why I feel this way.
I'm losing myself day by day.
The pictures in my mind have lost their color.
With each passing day they grow duller and duller.
The person I see in the mirror is blurred by tears.
Soon my nightmares become my worst fears.
This sea of pain is endless.
My pain only grows into bitterness.
I feel like dying.
I know that I'm crying.
My problems seem to only grow.
Deep down, I feel so low.
You probably don't get this.
You probably don't know this.
You probably don't feel this.
But "this" is me and all I want id to be free.

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psychokidd said...
Apr. 28, 2011 at 12:13 pm
this was increadibly depressing, because i can easily related to it and i offten feel this way myself....  it was increadibly powerful and deep........ i hope it gets n\better for you!!!!!!!
modhulove replied...
May 23, 2011 at 4:57 pm
Thanks :). Im glad that you liked my poem and it has gotten better for me. ITs just that sometimes things just go rough and thats when I started my feelings down on paper.
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