So-Called Angel

March 30, 2011
By theekellinator BRONZE, Weston, Wisconsin
theekellinator BRONZE, Weston, Wisconsin
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She stood there,
The angel of my dreams,
Not moving, forward nor backward
Froze it seemed

White as winter,
Beautiful as night,
Glittering she was,
Shining in the light.

Life seemed still, slow in time.
I began my decent
Slow, yet quick, draggled steps,
I stopped, when up drifted a scent.

It was her, now i could tell.
There on the icy stoop,
A creepy, evil like smile spreading
Scared me to that stop.

I recognized it,
Though it shouldn't be possible.
That smile,
Not possible.

She was there, graceful was her presence.
With an eerie chill.
The angel moved my way,
Flowing through, making me ill.

I was waiting to speak,
But when she came,
I was struck speechless,
As if I had a beak.

When I had regain my voice,
I was about to ask
The question that was haunting me,
But then, I woke.

The author's comments:
i was always obsessed with the idea of angels.. and then i had a dream about one..

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