Seemed So Right

March 30, 2011
She has liked him since they first met,
and spent time with him without regret
He’s seen her happy.
He’s seen her sad.
And she has seen the same on him.
They cared about each other,
And wanted to be together.
They fought for their chance,
And after awhile,
They got what they wanted.
It was great at first,
But when they got back to school,
He basically pretended, that she didn’t exist.
He started to ignore her texts,
And she didn’t understand why..
As the days passed by,
She realized that,
He wasn’t the same person.
Or at least didn’t act like it..
The weird thing is,
He broke up with her, not vice versa,
Like it should have been.
And it was only after three weeks..
How could something that seemed so right,
Have been so wrong?

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