March 30, 2011
Everything’s meaningful,
Everything’s sweet,
Everything’s peaceful,
I could hear a bird tweet.

Only a million have died today,
Under someone else’s rule,
Life has a bitter, everlasting decay,
Oh, life is so cruel.

Can you imagine, a shining golden road,
Hearing another’s helpless cry,
Seeing one kiss a toad,
Just to keep her family alive?

How could you smell a flower tomorrow,
Knowing today a bomb dropped on a city,
Or do you laugh at a race’s sorrow,
And say oh, what a pity?

But could you next time, my friend,
When you pass them by,
Reach out and lend,
A gentle hand to hold as they cry?

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Oxo_Irukanji said...
Jun. 2, 2014 at 11:54 am
Wassup, "noneofyourbusiness". I'm a fellow writer who is trying to connect with other Pine Bush authors on Teen Ink. I've conctacted Lexii_121 already to give her some encouragment, and I thought I'd send a note your way as well. Keep up the good work. Poetry is a great medium. If you have the time, check out some of my essays under Oxo_Irukanji. They're not my best, but they'll suffice for this website.  God bless.
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