March 30, 2011
By Matthew Waller BRONZE, Phoenix, Maryland
Matthew Waller BRONZE, Phoenix, Maryland
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Walking through a dream
My mind drifts aimlessly as I float through a haze of thoughts
The frigid wind bites at my skin as a light layer of snow falls upon the dark ground
A light layer of snow immerses the dark woods in a soft glow
There are shadows here
They follow me along the way
The moonlight falls through the bare treetops
It finds its way to the ground
It always finds its way to the ground
My mind drifts
My mind wanders
My thoughts come slowly but smoothly as the stars shift across the night sky
Hot steam floats softly from my mouth
It is illuminated as streaks of red paint the new dawn
My breath vanishes silently as the night turns to day.

The author's comments:
The poem "Shadows" is inspired by Walt Whitman and his contemporaries. The poem is supposed to represent the progression of thought of an anonymous narrator as they walk through the late night into early morning. The narrator's somewhat solemn language is similar to the subdued thoughts after a tragic event. There is a glimmer of hope at the end as the sun begins to rise again. The poem flows naturally as a stream flows over land.

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