As I Lay Broken

March 30, 2011
By jakecloutier.26 BRONZE, Hermantown, Minnesota
jakecloutier.26 BRONZE, Hermantown, Minnesota
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The violent rain sang a melody as it splashed against the ground
With a blur the deadly white bear caught my eye
A shot of anger through my body
A weapon in both hands
The perfect ingredients, for my perfect mistake
My shot was true
My aim was good
But the spirit bear denied the spear
I saw the fire in those eyes
And they struck fear into mine
The bear threw me to the ground and then unleashed
The deadly teeth that demolished my thigh
His crooked claws as sharp as swords
Ripped strips of flesh
From my chest
This bear was a carnivore
The pain in my chest
Puts me over the edge
Anything to get away
From the Spirit Bear
Who showed me my greatest nightmare
When no one cares
Once again the incisive teeth
Bore into my forearm
The knife was dropped
And so was I
Only to find that like a weeping willow in the night
The spirit bear was looming over me
One more deadly paw to the chest he gave
Then with a grunt he shuffled away
Now all that is left is the rain, and the hazy sky
My unsteady mind
My selfless pride
Brought me to this place tonight

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