Where Do I come From

March 30, 2011
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I come from a family of six anuts and six uncles
where people think that we are a gang
but all we are is blood taking care
of blood
I come from a mom filled wit lots of love
and a dad whose the best person, yet the meanist
I come from the Ortiz and Marquez family
that doesnt care what people think
I come from the same family that was
abused and misunderstood
misunderstood because they were taught
to be hardcore, yet still put family first
to never care what anyone says or does
because they dont know what your about
I come from a dad who is really sick that nothing can
help him
I come from heartbreak with alot of tears
tears that I wish I could have held back
for my mom and for the holidays
I come from the womb of Darlene
and the sprem of Raymond
I come from what people call a "gang"
but we dont understand why
because eneryone is related
I come from fake people wanting to be my cousins
because our family is so tight
now I know where i truely come from.......

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Ms. Hasted said...
Apr. 26, 2011 at 5:53 pm
I'm glad you decided to submit/publish this one, Roxy!  Your emotions about your family are really clear and really strong in it.
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