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Heart in a Trashcan

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Breaking someone’s heart,
Is like throwing it away.
When something falls apart,
There is not much to do with it or say.
When arteries are shattered,
And veins are torn,
Is when everything that matters,
Makes one morn.
A bruise may fade,
A cut may go away,
Bones may mend,
Yet broken hearts don’t heal in a day.
Ones heart may fracture and crack,
Until it is no longer whole.
When one is stabbed in the back,
It feels like burning coal.
Gradually the pieces can be put together.
But the heart will remained scarred.
The clouds may come in,
The rain may fall,
The pain may pin,
The soal to a wall.
This organ of love is tender,
So easy to pierce.
Flesh may be destroyed,
Breaths may be heavy and deep,
The memories are enjoyed,
The blood may then seep.
Never will the happiness reign over love again.
Never will the last piece fit into place.
Never will you forgeheartbreakkers face!

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annelindy said...
Apr. 27, 2011 at 1:59 pm
very good. But I must say that, even though it feels like ti'll take forever, there still is hope :) hope only found in one source :)
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