March 30, 2011
who am i to mourn him?
his miserable life?
his loneliness?
his hurt?
his sadness?
a friend
a stranger
i am but another stranger to him
another girl on the street
talking to him
worrying about him
shedding tears for him
i am scared
scared that he will end his life
a boy i barely now
but still i shed tears for a boy who has so much turmoil in his life
his soul
and feels the need to end it all
with no regrets or wishes
who are we?
him to even consider taking himself out of the world?
and me
to get involved?
we are wrong
his demise should not be in his mind or sight
nor should it be in mine
we should not be discussing death
but life
but i cannot help but worry for him
his family
his friends
the people who barely know him
i want to protect them as well
from the pain
the hurt of loss
i have experienced it
a friend i never thought i would loose
decided to end it all to
she thought she wouldn't be missed
but she was wrong
the entire eighth grade wept over her loss
i do not want to experience the same loss again
though i do not know him
i cannot stop caring
i love him as i love my mother and father
i cannot turn my head without trying
i have to
or i will be as bad as him
for not trying at all

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annelindy said...
Apr. 27, 2011 at 2:03 pm


i really really REALLY hope that special friend of yours finds true hope in the midst of so much pain...

heart-wrenching piece. I can tell you really care. That means so much. He should know how significant he is now :)

great job, keep writing!

CocoaCUPCAKES replied...
Apr. 30, 2011 at 9:51 am
thank you Annelindy that means a lot to me :D and i hope he does too :]
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