Ramblings of Friendship and Potential Love

March 31, 2011
No matter what I do
I just can't seem
To be able to get you
Off my mind

Sweet smile
Enchanting eyes
Tender touch

I think of you
Smile stupidly
Try to weave my mind
Around the fact
We're just friends
Really good friends

Best friends?
Some days it seems so...

I'd trust you
With my secrets
With my feelings
With my love
With my life

Do I wish
We were more than friends?
Sometimes yes...
I like the way things are now

But oh
Sometimes I just wonder
What it would be like
If you and I
Became us

Would our bond grow?
Become stronger and more secure?
Or would it end up
Falling apart?
Leaving us both a friend less?
I'd never want to see that happen
I hope we can be friends for life

I would love to feel your arms around me
An embrace worth more than friendship
I don't know how to ask
I'm not sure what to do

You're one of my bestest friends
Maybe even my best guy friend
Don't ever change

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