Two sides.

March 30, 2011
By Anonymous

In a blink a comment turns into commotion.
A friend isn’t by your side and she doesn’t support you.
Suddenly you are sitting alone. On the outside looking in.
Everything you worked up towards left you. No one cares about you.
Laughter fills your ears and when you realize what they’re laughing at you look for someone, anyone, to come to your side and hug you tight.

On the other side of the coin sits a girl. Confident as can be.
Only a few can see through her tough exterior.
Only a few know what she is scared of.
Her friends try to help. But she pushes them away.
If they find what they are looking for, her life will flip.

It was just a suggestion.
She should follow it, right?
Or are you the one at fault?
Did you bring this on yourself?
Maybe this dug deep. Like a stab in the back.

She is mean for no reason.
But there is one.
Hell if I know.
They are afraid. So they laugh
Being on her good side isn’t as bad as her bad side, right?
But can they handle the whole package?

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