saying good bye , its impossible

March 30, 2011
By this_is_me BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
this_is_me BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
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you tell me that there is
something called sitting down
i listen to you
but on the inside im screaming
the pain wants to be set free
i look at your face
those beautiful brown eyes
that i fell in love with
on december 16th 2010
i play with my thumbs
not wanting to look you in the eyes
any longer
everything we have been threw
everything that i have faced
everything that you made me feel
everything you ever said
it plays in my mind
the nightmares that kept me awake
the tears that made me want to cut
the pain from knowing
that in the end we cant be
the time you made me laugh
the time i knew for sure i was in love
the memories hurt me
they make me want to leave
i look at your face
as your strumming the guitar
i know that the love i felt for you
still exsist inside me somewhere
i want to feel it
i want to know that again
but i know i cant
you pull me to you
i want to pull away
i dont want this to happen
i know ill let it
i know that im going to give in
old habbits die hard
you old me in your arms
the tears i fight back
i want to not feel this
i want to say good bye
but you kiss my cheek
then my lips
its hard to say no
when i still love you
when i things back to you loving me
but i know it wont be
you love her now
and i have him
but whats next
will make him mad
i hope he understands
my love for you is forever
your love for me is never

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