Younger Sisters

March 28, 2011
By MelodiieXiong BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
MelodiieXiong BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Younger sisters are an amazing gift,
when they go through your school notebooks
and scribbled on EVERY single paper.
Or when they go through your purse
and take out all your needed papers.

Younger sisters are an amazing gift
when they come to you, covered in your make up.
Red lipstick painted across and above the lips,
blue eye shadow brushed onto their foreheads.

Younger sisters are a wonderful gift
when you come home from a tiring day wanting nothing
but rest to find your room a mess.
Your make up all over the floor, eye shadow broken and cracked.
Blankets thrown all over the floor, your clothes that were nicely
hanging in your closet, tossed all over the room, and finally your
laptop that is opened to its max!

Younger sisters are an amazing gift
when they scream their dolphin voices,
pull each others’ hair for the sour warheads and two colored gummy worms,
color the walls with your markers and crayons,
leaving the walls with scribbles of letters trying to spell out their names.

Younger sisters are an amazing gift,
when they spill the red cranberry juice on the floor right after you moped it,
take the bag of Doritos and simply dump it because the house was clean,
wear your heals and break their ankles,
reason without facts,
and annoy you until you play tag or hide and go seek with them.

Younger sisters are an amazing gift.
When they fall asleep on your lap and softly snore,
softly brush your hair with their tiny and clumsy fingers,
laugh when you tickle them,
run away when you growl at them,
wear the flower decorated dresses that you picked.
let you tie their hair in to thirty million pig tails,
and dance with you even though you look like a fool.

Younger sisters are an amazing gift,
because they are yours.

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