Heartbreak Christmas

March 27, 2011
There is a small child, without a candle,
sitting at home.
He is tired and cold; nobody loves him.
He's alone in the world, just the wind and the damp damp floor of his house for him.
What happened to Christmas?
The talk of "good cheer" and "generosity" has not spared a moment for him.
A young girl, her first year alone but also her last,
she takes the pills and lied facedown on the floor,
hair splayed amd fingers white.
She had no family to take care of her, or even care.
During this holiday season, no one remembers the lonely.
The singer, who pretends, smiles her fake smile as she downs another shot of poison.
Red dress, heels and perfume, a Black Widow as she rides through the town.
She's so empty that every tear that falls echoes, shrieking through the silence of her mind.
The old man who can barely move, lives alone - a shadow of what he once was.
His wheelchair squeaks noisily as he slowly, slowly goes towards the staircase.
Tears well up in his world-weary eyes as he looks up towards the second floor of his home.
He tries to make it up the stairs, the tears finally falling down his weatherbeaten face as he fails every time.
All he wanted was to not be so lonely,
for a single framed picture residing next to his bed.
His lovely wife, recently dead, to be by his side on Christmas.
He can't reach her.
Finally, with a sob, he gives it up.
His kids don't visit, too busy with new families to care for a tired old man like him.
Everything he holds dear has been ripped away.
With a sob he dies, arms still reaching for that beloved picture.
Why don't people care anymore?
If it's the season of giving, then why does everyone only care about what they get?
If someone had only thought to give some time, a card, or even a smile, these people would have been able to hope again.
Christmas Spirit? Bah humbug! If you really thought Santa Claus was watching, would it have changed anything?
Without malice or bad intent, what would Christmas be like?
We'll never know, for no one cares enough to change.
So Merry Christmas, I'd like to propose a toast-
For all of those out there with nothing but ghosts,
please know there's one last hope.
Eh, but no one cares, so why try?
Drink up, a toast for the perfect poison.

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