The lovers

March 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Haters heat is burning my heart as I grow
I used to be too small to touch the fire of the sky
Now I am on the brink of joining the army of ice
Going down the path that so many brothers before me have
The trail of those fed up with the flames

Us lovers could drop our wood on their fire
Let the chunks of tree go, and rest our tired arms
But then the fire would grow, the stallion would rear up
They’d call us names and I’d punch one
Be in a cold jail cell pretty soon thinking, what have I done?

Haters will hate
Shovers will shove
Lovers, we have to love

Yeah, my arms hurt too
I can’t sleep at night either
I’m going through hell just like you
But I’m thinking about the children
About the world after me

I don’t want those kids in the strollers to grow up like I did
I don’t want them to see pure hate when they open their eyes
When the day comes that they see the world for what it is
When they realize that someone out there will kill them
For their skin color, for the gender of who they love, for the clothes that they wear
They don’t have to tell society where to stick it
They don’t have to take the easy way out, the painless way out, the weak way out
We can face hate with love
It’s hard to hold the sticks away from the fire
But when I cry from the pain of my muscles breaking
I just remember that they’ll grow back stronger

Haters will hate
Shovers will shove
Lovers, we have to love

We, the lovers, the different ones, the allies of the different ones
Our open minds and hearts are powerful
Our pride is beautiful
We need to stay strong and remember who we are
The last decent people left on the planet
Even in our small numbers, our love can overpower their hate
We can win

We can beat them by understanding them
Understanding their ignorance
What fuels it
Their fear and stupidity
Their weakness
We can have compassion for them
Look at them with pity instead of fear
Tell them how sorry we are that they see the world as black and white
Because colors are really beautiful

So let’s put down our fists
Let’s hold up our peace signs
Let’s stand
Let’s not leave
Let’s stay strong
Let’s love
Hell, let’s sing

Haters will hate
Shovers will shove
Lovers, we have to love

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