The Princess of Shades

March 27, 2011
By UselessItalian GOLD, Kewaskum, Wisconsin
UselessItalian GOLD, Kewaskum, Wisconsin
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She dances in the darkness
She glides in the night,
She curtsies to the shadows,
She despises the light
She is the woman of shadows,
The lady of the ghosts,
She is the princess of the shades,
She is deaths greatest host
She always seems so calm,
Gliding through the night,
But her eyes deceive her,
She is putting up a fight,
The sorrow fills her corpse,
Yet she feels the pain,
Of losing who you are,
Watching it wash away in the rain,
Her death she still holds deep in her chest,
The life she still pleads for,
The taste she still yearns for,
But its buried away deep in a nest,
Of pins and needles,
Of pain and sorrow,
She is the queen of death,
The mistress of pain,
Her happiness gone,
Washed away in the rain

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