Malcolm X

March 27, 2011
By Anonymous

When some people think about fighting they think about Malcolm X.

Even though fighting is not the best situation.

When kids are trying to get out of the hood with an good education.

That's why people die everyday.

Parents going to church looking for god to pray.

I understand that Malcolm X do not want people to take abusive actions.

And everyone know that people want stop bullying people until they fight.

Now your child is dead from a fight.

When he or she were just trying to be polite.

Now they think that Malcolm X is the one to blame.

When he just tried to teach people how to defend themselves that is an shame.

People are killing one another because they believe that someone don't belong in the group.

When all they wanted was to stick together as friend like the U.S army troops.

Malcolm X was an great wonderful man he taught us that its never bad to defend.

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