Letters to a Lost Love

March 27, 2011
How could you say it,
so void of emotion,
that you did not love me anymore?
How could you say
I do not know of love?
I waited when you abandoned me,
I held you up as you tore me down
I kissed your tears away as you,
you tore them from my eyes
in streams of misery.
You lied to me,
you cheated,
You broke every promise
but still I stayed with you.
I loved you through it all
and never yelled,
never screamed or cried
and I could punch a wall
and cry for God
Cry for him to take away the pain
and you say I do not know love.
You tell me
you no longer see a future
after letting me believe
you had transformed
After painting pretty pictures
in my mind.
You've caused so many tears
You've created pain so horrible
I only wish to curl up and die
you who've made my fears come true
you say I do not know love?
I who went through your lies
and still ought the need
to call you back to me
I do not know love?
I, who had to wrench myself away
when you left for the final time,
I do not know love?

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