Impulsive Consequence

March 27, 2011
By crazylatin47 BRONZE, Glendora, California
crazylatin47 BRONZE, Glendora, California
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It’s a feeling that grows,
Takes over your mind,
Your thoughts become its victims
Your heart gives its submission.

By name it is unknown,
Rather a defined sensation
An indescribable combination
Of curiosity and temptation.

It starts with a look, maybe a touch,
Then spreads to aimless lust,
Mind runs crazy, all sense banned
Not even caring to understand.

No one weighs the risk,
This insanity may run,
No one cares to think,
All trust given in a blink,

Time, a long-known enemy,
Becomes a new remedy,
For all past troubles,
All hurtful, unwelcome pain.

Safeguards are tucked away
You feel safe to say,
The pain is done away
Nothing could go astray.

All to soon you are a victim,
Of this two-faced trick
This unforgiving feeling,
Which breaks down all which was healing.

It’s a feeling which grows,
Takes over your mind,
Your thought becomes its victim,
Your heart gives its submission.

Only to find,
This happy feeling is no match
For reality’s favorite lesson,
Nothing lasts forever in this life your livin’

The author's comments:
For all those who find themselves lost in what they thought was real.

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