Education via My Eyes

March 27, 2011
All the brains in the world
But not a proper outlet
Maybe she's headed in the right direction
She's just not sure yet
Opportunity is steady knocking
But she wont open the door
She fell down long ago
And is still lying there on the floor
Her lifestyle isn't poor
So what's the excuse?
Her father didn't walk out
She's never been abused
Maybe the problem is how she thinks
"What's the use?
All these grown people telling me what to do
Telling me to pass in school so I can have a good life
Sometimes its a struggle
I know I don't do right
I know what I need to do
I just don't do it
Why don't you motivate me there
Put all your energy into it!"
Man, its that spoiled lifestyle
The images on the TV
That leave her to believe
She can be anything she wants to be
But the truth is, you need an education
So do what they say now
Enough time has been wasted
I know when I say this
It sounds so played
But I'm that girl
Trying to steady myself for the real world

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