The Power I Can Posses

March 26, 2011
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If you can’t breath the air

and if you can’t see the sun

or hear birds chirping in the sky

if you can’t understand about how quickly time goes by

and if you miss a moment

and if you miss a possibility

you have to realize you can’t go back

you can’t undo it

you just have to move on

and you can cry

or laugh and smile through a mask

but in the end no one will remember a tiny slip

or a mismatched outfit

or how red your faced turned

or how many times you said the wrong thing

well, they might

but who cares?

these highschool girls and highschool boys

We all try to fit in

to not be noticed or called out

just want to move on

just want to move on

to move on

but then to let go

to let go of the past

and I’m stuck

stuck with you

stuck with what I’ve done

and who I’ve become

but I have to remember it’s not who I’ll stay

I’ll always be changing



someday I will arise, re-arise

from a web of lies

a butterfly

who flies, flies away

and every beat of my wings will affect the world

I don’t need you to believe in me because I can believe in myself

but it helps

it helps to know I’m not alone

so come up and stand here next to me

and hold my hand

Don’t feed me lies but help me be stronger

I will choose my own path

I will breath my own breaths

drag in the air and stare into the sun

For I am unique and I will always be me

though I will and do doubt myself

I will pull through

And I will stare into the sun

because though I may grow old and blind

I will never lose truly loose my sight

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