I miss you

March 26, 2011
What is left?
I will soon find out.
What you left for me
is unknown.

I walk down the boulevard of broken dreams.
And I glance at a picture of you,
I start to tear.
When I try to fall asleep all I can think,
is about you.

When you use to yell at me,
for something I did wrong.
I wish you weren't here.
Now that your not and my stomach is in a knot,
I miss you.

When i look inside your room i remember all the jokes and stories you use to tell me when I was a child.
I use to take your coins out and i would hate that you yelled at me.
Now that their mine its no fun because i don't hear your voice anymore.
I miss you.

As i end this poem with deep despair.
What is left I surely found.
That love, leadership, brains, and sympathy are important if you want to live.

When I get old,
I will surely tell the feelings when I say,

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