March 26, 2011
By Kittygirl20001 BRONZE, Dixon, Missouri
Kittygirl20001 BRONZE, Dixon, Missouri
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Sometimes I even wonder
When they say "I love you."
Do they really mean it?
Do they understand what kind of commitment they're making at all?
I have feelings too,
Why do you hurt me?
Aren't I a human being?
I sometimes hope I can be like Alice and go into my own Wonderland
And never return to the world of sorrow and anger and filth.
But I have to survive in this world.
Even when the world is crashing down on me I still have to feel the pain and guilt of ever hurting you.
I wonder…
I wonder…
I wonder…
Is it real sometimes?
Or is it just pretend?
I'll never be happy in reality until my one and only shows up…
I cry as I search for my one and only…
Where is my soul mate?
Where are you?
I miss you…
And I wish I could let you know that even though I don't know what you look like my dearest soul mate I will always think of you in my heart…
Hoping to see you in my dreams…
In my Wonderland…

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