My Valentine

March 26, 2011
By hhthompson93 BRONZE, Batavia, Ohio
hhthompson93 BRONZE, Batavia, Ohio
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It is a sad thought, how the Sun chases the Moon,

And know the day they meet is far from soon.

Yet the Sun rises and falls the same as any day

Chasing the Moon, wishing that it would stay.

I feel as though I am the Sun and you the Moon,

Wishing the day we court be soon.

For who’s to say the geek cannot court the one,

Who is so smart, so cute, so fun?

The one who everyone wants but only one may have,
Whose lucky heart she will choose to grab.

But I feel only when the Moon meets the Sun

It will be your golden heart that I have won.

Before my mind rests, my last thought is your name,
I blame my fear and shame for my lack of gain.
For I would ask if I were certain of you,
How you felt, and if you knew how I would treat you.

Through broken glass I would drag mile upon mile
All in one effort, for one gentle smile,
I encourage you to try what could be devine
So I humbly ask you, to please be my Valentine?!

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem to insert inside a box of chocolates for a girl I like. She's so amazing, but the fear of rejection prevents me from asking her out!

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