March 26, 2011
By poetofthestreets BRONZE, San Jose, California
poetofthestreets BRONZE, San Jose, California
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I wait for the night when I can be your own Prometheus
carrying the fire of the starry skies to the brilliant oceans of your eyes
a night where we can fly ad astra (to the stars)
unfettered by the rules of the so-called gods that rule our lives
a time where we can seize the day and dare to share the suffering we hold inside

I want to forget the world with you
to stand by and watch the stars fade from the ink-black horizons of the night sky
until the rosy-fingered dawn calls us back to reality
I want to make you smile every day
to kiss you with a thousand kisses to make your troubles go away..
until that time comes I wait..
Forever Carpe Diem, forever yours.

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