how to survive a zombie apocaltpse

March 29, 2011
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How to survive a zombie apocalypse
If zombies take over the world don’t wait for cute little old grandma to bite your arm off. The first thing is that an earth quake and tsunami hit Japan and they spilled radiation all over the place and it drifted to America and every one died but some how they didn’t die completely the woke up about five hours later and they weren’t human the were sick and chased people soon the chasing turned into eating then the eating turned into killing and the killing turned in to closely extermination of the human race its march 23 2013. I’ve come by about a hundred people over two years. Who knows how many Billions of zombies and only hundreds of people are out there.

If you’re going to survive the zombie apocalypse you need to get some weapons. Anything that doesn’t have bullets is good; this means that u can keep these weapons for a long time like bats, shovels, knives and, farmer and gardens tools. Weapons with bullets are good because u can keep the undead away.

Get food for yourselves and or other people. You need food because you can’t fight and run without energy or possibly die. You need to get canned good bagged and packaged goods. These types of foods will stay fresh and good the longest. You will need these foods to fight the undead.

Find a safe house. Finding a safe house will help you sleep, relax and rest. You don’t want to be sleeping outside so your best bet if finding a safe house an example of a safe house is like an a banded bank with metal doors. This is your best qualities of surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Many things help you to survive the zombies, but three things that help you are getting weapons and food and finding a safe house. Will you survive the zombie apocalypse?

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